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Kauai- The Garden Isle

Kauai, also known as the Garden Isle, is the fourth largest island of the seven main islands in the Hawaiian Archipelago. Kauai was probably first settled by Polynesians from the Marquesas Islands sometime during the first millennium A.D. They were followed by immigrants from Tahiti a few centuries later. The first European to visit is believed to have been Captain Cook in 1778. King Kamehameha united all of the islands including Kauai into a royal kingdom in 1810. In 1820 the first protestant missionaries arrived in Hawaii and were followed by an increasing number of American colonists. In 1893 the royalty was overthrown and in 1898 Hawaii became an American Territory. The 2010 census counted 67,091 residents in Kauai.

During a recent visit, my wife and I had the benefit of advice from a very knowledgeable concierge on Kauai. We also researched our trip on line and collected all of the usual tourist booklets and fliers. Like most major destinations, there is a plethora of advice about how to spend your time and money while visiting Kauai. Each of us are unique and there is no formula that could possibly appeal to all, but there are some highlights that most visitors should at least consider in making their plans. As is always the case, money and time are critical considerations.

At the inexpensive end of the financial spectrum, the island has a plentitude of beautiful beaches. If at all possible, set some time aside to chill out, catch a wave, or maybe learn how to stand on a board and paddle around in the waves and surf like the ancient Hawaiians did. The island is relatively small, but you will still need a car to take full advantage of all there is to do. We stayed in Lihue. One day we drove north and one day south. That pretty much covered the part of the island that is accessible by car. There are a number of scenic vistas and unique sights along the way, all of which are easy to find. The following pages have imagery of the ones that we liked the most.

At the more expensive end of the financial spectrum are the various charter trips that are available. If it involves a boat, you can do just about anything that you want and the cost will vary with regard to the amount of luxury and personalization that you require. We generally try to avoid group tours, but one that we highly recommend is a sunset cruise on the Na Pali Coast. Our cruise was definitely one of the highlights of our visit. Another charter trip that we very, very highly recommend is a helicopter tour of the island. It is pricey, but worth every single penny.

Nightlife in Kauai is dominated by hula shows and luaus. Some are good and some not so good. When we were researching which ones we wanted to include, we found the locals to be excellent critics. In making your plans to attend a commercial luau, remember that large groups of people are usually fed from a steam table. Don't look for fine dining, try to search out the one that the locals tell you has the best dancing. Dinner is easy. Every big hotel has one or two very good restaurants. Lunch too is easy to find for the same reason. The hard meal to find is breakfast. When doing your research for your various outings, pay close attention to the very few articles and advertisements you will see for establishments that serve the morning meal.

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