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Maui - Lahaina - The Baldwin Home

Reverend Dwight Baldwin arrived in Lahaina in 1835 and, together with his wife and six children, resided in this house from 1838 until 1871. Also trained as a physician at Harvard, Rev. Baldwin, practiced medicine on Maui, Molokai, and Lanai.


"The native language is soft and liquid and flexible and in every way efficient and satisfactory--till you get mad; then there you are; there isn't anything in it to swear with. Good judges all say it is the best Sunday language there is. But then all the other six days in the week it just hangs idle on your hands; it isn't any good for business and you can't work a telephone with it. Many a time the attention of the missionaries has been called to this defect, and they are always promising they are going to fix it; but no, they go fooling along and fooling along and nothing is done."

Mark Twain

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