A Trip to Australia and New Zealand
Aboard the MS Volendam

Fellow Passengers on the Cloud Deck

The Volendam is a beautiful ship as are all three of the Holland America ships on which we have cruised to a number of interesting destinations. I have photographed them all and if you are curious as to what one of their beautiful ships looks like please check out some of our other cruise articles. Perhaps I was in a perverse mood this time or maybe I had just photographed similar subjects in the other ships - whatever the motivation, this time I did not always take straightforward views of my subjects. Apologies.

A Photgrapher

Towel Monkey

The magnificent crew is famous for their towel animals. Every evening when you are ready to retire for the night your cabin steward has not only turned down your bed and left a couple of very good chocolates, but he has also left you an artistic towel creation. As you can tell my favorite is the monkey, but they are all fabulous - during the cruise we had more than a dozen.


I don't know how they do it, but the flowers are always fresh, they are always beautifully presented, and they are all over the ship.